OCCA Youth 纽约橙郡青少年之家

Goal: To provide the OCCA youth with programs and connections that will help them develop as leaders in the community

1) OCCA Youth Mentorship Program
Connecting current OCCS students with OCCS alumni across various fields and areas of study

2) OCCA Youth Leadership Program
Giving students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through workshops, seminars and other activities

3) OCCA Youth Sports Program
Building teamwork and community through sports

Here is also an initial list of contact information for alumni we can include in the OCCA Youth Mentorship program:
•Josh Shih (shihjosh@gmail.com) - Business/Finance
•Evan Thompson (ethomyang@gmail.com) - Engineering
•Raymond Shih (shihraymond@yahoo.com) - Business/Finance
•Shang Wang (shangwang@post.harvard.edu) - Consulting/Government
•Angela Ko (angelako94@gmail.com) - Business/Finance
•Esther Chao (ec2635@nyu.edu) - Business/Finance
•James Shih (jshih001@gmail.com) - Real Estate
•Nancy Song (nancysong28@yahoo.com) - Pharmacy
•Christy Shih (cshih1@binghamton.edu) - Design
•Amy Wang (goaliechick101@gmail.com) - Medicine